Our Product

4Ever Sheeting is roof sheeting made from Polyethylene and comes in 4 standard colours in an I.B.R Profile.


Tested and Trusted

This product has been tested by the Institute for Polymer Studies at the University of Stellenbosch (view the report here) and carries a 7 year guarantee on the material. (When installed according to specifications)

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Polyethylene is the most versatile thermo plastic resin available. It is available in a wide range of melt indices, densities and additive formulations. The plastic we use is a UV stabilized Linear Low Density Polyethylene, which is a bi-product produced during the Crude Oil refining process.

  • 4ES is flexible
  • Manufactured on Global Standards
  • Custom Colours can be ordered*
  • Rust Free
  • Ideal for SA Conditions
  • Thermal Insulator
  • CFC-free
  • Ozone friendly
  • 7 year guarantee on the material

Covering Specification

Covering Width 686 mm
Overall Width 730 mm
Maximum Purlin Spacing 750 mm

Please note:  The covering width is not the total width of the sheeting.
It is the total coverage you get including the overlaps.


Our Sheets are made of Polyethylene this is a product of a Polymer that you see most in day-to-day life.
In fact, Polyethylene is the most popular plastic used in the world today. This is evident as this Polymer is used to make items such as Shopping bags, Shampoo bottles, Children’s toys and is even being used in Bullet Proof Vests. These characteristics indicate the sure “Strength” and “Versatility” of this material.

  • Smooth finish, prevents build-up of dirt & fungus
  • Unaffected by sea air
  • I.B.R. Profile
  • Choice of 4 standard colours
  • Does not discolour
  • Less noise generated by sheeting in  rainfall or hail storm

Tempreture and Heat

This product is ideal for Patios, Carports, Garages, Pool Houses, Green Houses, Nurseries, Wendy Houses,
Hot Houses, Factory- Skylights and Cladding. 

Photos taken at the same time in the afternoon with the ambient temperature was 25°C and there was direct sunlight on the top of the roof sheeting.

Galvanized iron patio: 40.6 °C

4Ever Sheeting natural white: 28.3 °C

  • Tested between -60° and +50° Celsius and it maintains its material consistency.
  • 160° Celsius melting point.
  • Light transmittance of 75% through natural white sheets.
  • Light transmittance of 35% through coloured sheets.

UV Filtration properties, cooler in summer.